Top 5 Common Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

The eucalyptus tree is evergreen vegetation with an Australian origin that is mostly thought as the major source of food for koala bears. While it offers exceptional nutritional value for wildlife, the pure essential oils extracted from its leaves also have significant properties.

Below are some of the benefits of eucalyptus oil:

Relieving discomfort for clear breathing

The oil extracts assist in getting rid of toxins from your body that can bring health issues. One of the most efficient ways to use this oil for clear breathing is dropping several drops of eucalyptus essential oil into your diffuser before going to bed. This will help you take advantage of the benefits the entire night.

If the situation is more serious, prepare a steam bath by putting a cup of hot water into a bowl, and then mix ten drops of this essential oil. Place a wet piece of fabric over your head and inhale deeply for 10 minutes.

Hair nourishment

To achieve that moisturized hair, you have always been dreaming of, just mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil and coconut oil to get amazing results. This is a terrific way of getting rid of dry and itchy scalp.

Handling skin irritations

This oil is comprised of properties that are useful in helping skin issues and irritations. Moreover, this oil can make a natural ointment that can be applied to bug bites

Respiratory problems

Eucalyptus essential oil is extremely useful in helping with respiratory issues. For homemade remedy, mix eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and coconut oil and then apply it on your upper chest.

Spot remover

Just like lemon essential oil, this oil is highly effective when it comes to getting rid of annoying spots and stains on your carpet, clothes and every fabric you have at your home. It also removes sticky gums off your shoes. Note that you need to test the oil in an inconspicuous place to ensure that it does not react unexpectedly with the material you are treating.

The uses of eucalyptus oil are plenty. For instance, you can also use this oil on your pets since it is confirmed to be safe in a comparable way you can use it on your body. However, ensure to keep the oil out of eyes.